About Us

Owned by Gary Taylor and Tony Sorgiovanni and established in 1991, Geelong Accident Repair Centre is a state of the art collision repair centre that has continuously invested in innovative technology and quality control processes. The Philosophy of “Absolute Quality” has produced numerous award winning tradesmen and has earned the respect of a demanding clientele.

Geelong Accident Repair Centre specialises in all aspects of automotive engineering, including:

  • Heavy collision chassis diagnosis and straightening
  • Automotive Refinishing Process
  • Driveline and Suspension Components

Our team of highly experienced tradesmen uphold the core principles that there is no substitute for quality. We are fully Factory trained in composite materials including riveting, bonding and specialised finishing techniques and are equipped with some of the best technology available. This includes Celette Grifon Evolution 2800 Chassis and measuring system, 3-phase high tensile spot welding technology, aluminum & brazing welding technology and rivet and composite bonding equipment. These are augmented by a separate area which includes an aluminum repair booth with specialised tooling.

We are also part of the VicRoads Accident Allocation Centre within the Geelong Self-Managed Area. This enables us to provide 24hr Accident Scene Allocation Towing and trade towing service. With this comes all the personlised services that consumers demand today such as free pickup and delivery and loan cars where applicable.

Geelong Accident Repair Centre